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Take Sheik Ariya Daivari in his keffiyeh. Or Queenie Von Curves and her pasties. Were the demeanor of the whole event a little more serious and a little less self aware, these props might seem outmoded, incorrect, racist, sexist, appallingly white male.

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The organizations see the gifts as a good way to spread goodwill and get lawmakers to visit their facilities.Many of the big, expensive receptions found in the lobbyist reports are annual events for professional associations that give their members a chance to mingle with lawmakers. Such is the case of the New Mexico Mining Association’s annual dinner, held this year on Feb. 1 at the Santa Fe Hilton.

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Until then, Pickett has his senior season at Belleville East to look forward to and is working out accordingly to prepare. He said he’s in the gym every day sometimes two or three times a day working on every aspect of his game. The steps he took toward becoming more of a leader and team player during the spring and summer he plans to put to use with the Lancers.