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Celine Replica SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThe flight manifest for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Christmas vacation to the Caribbean, released to the Conservatives through an access to information request, was redacted to leave off the names of family members and a nanny who travelled on the government owned Challenger jet.In January, the Prime Minister’s Office refused to answer media questions about who flew with Trudeau to St. Kitts and Nevis, saying only that he enjoyed the holiday with family and with other friends who made their way to the tropical island independently.”As for the friends of the Trudeau family who were also present in Nevis, they did not travel on the Challenger but made their own way there,” Andre Lyne Hall, a spokeswoman for the PMO, said in an e mail to CBC News at the time.She said she couldn’t confirm more details when asked specifically for the names of passengers who travelled on board the jet.PM’s private travels still draw public money: documentTrudeau to pay economy fares for flights on government jet for family breakBut documents obtained by the Conservatives and shared with CBC News show two versions of the manifest for the exact same flight.On a version released in March, there are five names listed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his wife Sophie Grgoire Trudeau and their three children, Hadrien, Ella Grace and Xavier.In June, another copy of the manifest was released to the Conservatives through an access to information (ATIP) request showing three additional names: Marian Pueyo, a nanny working for the Trudeau family, and Jean Grgoire and Estelle Blais, the prime minister’s in laws.Conservatives: ‘Smacks of a coverup’The original manifest without the three additional names was released only weeks after it was reported that the Trudeaus had allocated part of their household budget to hire nannies to help care for their children, an expense that ignited a political firestorm.”I think what’s happened here should cause a lot of concern for Canadians. Somebody, somewhere hasn’t been honest,” Conservative MP Blaine Calkins said in an interview Celine Replica.