Innovative, integrated products designed to achieve maximum growth using fewer resources

Agriculture Drip Products

Our wide range of drippers and dripperlines products offer the most reliable and cost-effective solution for sub-surface and on-surface irrigation. Uniquely engineered to deliver uniform flow rates through pressure compensating technology, our drippers and dripperlines products ensure every drop counts, even in the most demanding environments.

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Complementary Products

At the heart of any irrigation system are filters, control valves, air valves and water meters. Netafim offers a variety of products for all purposes and applications, ranging from simple and manual to fully automated systems.

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Crop Management Technologies

Netafim Crop Management Technologies includes a wide range of precision control and monitoring products. These tools are designed to extend your management skills on to the field, allowing you to attend to other demanding tasks with complete peace of mind.

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Irrigation Systems

Netafim irrigation systems have been designed to raise efficiency levels as well as the volume and quality of crops worldwide. Meeting the ever-changing challenges of a wide range of global irrigation needs, we are committed to responding to the ambitions, goals and demands of our customers creatively and competitively and to supply them with reliable, comprehensive solutions and services wherever in the world they may be.

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Polyethylene Pipes

Our polyethylene pipes are UV and acid resistant, made from the highest quality resins available and backed by stringent quality control standards. Netafim™ pipes provide a flexible, portable and cost effective solution for drip and sprinkler irrigation systems. Lateral lines may conveniently be installed anywhere along the PolyNet™ and FlatNet™ for easy adaptation to rotation crops with varying spacings and field configurations.

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Sprinklers/Micro Sprinklers

Our sprinklers and micro-sprinklers are considered among the most reliable and durable in the market. Designed for a wide variety of crops, these sprinklers excel in their uniform distribution capabilities, thanks to their uniquely large clog-resistant water passages. Their simple and modular design makes them uniquely adaptable to almost any application.

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