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In other words, this is a major moment in time for the Vikings. And they seem poised to take advantage. Granted, I’m a bit concerned that so much of the offense centers on an aging running back who is past his prime. Their fate is one of the mysteries but from remains that were found it was thought that one of them probably Knudsen died by some accident first and that the other continued as far as to the mainland point opposite Dickson Island. With the lights from the station visible on the horizon he probably slid on the ice and knocked himself out and then froze to death. The skeleton which was later found there was buried on the spot and a memorial stone was erected over the grave..

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Every time we get to Day 3, there one name that I highlight for the Jaguars. While I have him falling to the 5th round, I was able to snag Cowser with little issue. I think this is probably his range (4th or 5th round), due to his small school reputation and lack of big league competition.

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