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Q: Annaka Chesnutt, FOX 43We are walking to help bring awareness and fundraisefor research that preventspre mature birth and makes sure all babies are born healthy. This is a great way to support babieswho have been through the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and made it, while remembering and honoring those that did not.What kind of turnout have you had previous years and what are you hoping for this year?Last year we had around 1,500+ people, and we are just hoping for a really great turnout like that again! It going to be a really great family day. It always awesome to see everyone coming together and the teams withtheir special t shirts representingwho they are walking for I excited to see what this year will bring!What is the fundraising goal for this year? What has been raised thus far?Our goal this year is $150,000, and right now it hard to say exactly where we are at.

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