Drip Irrigation System: Efficient Use Of A Valuable Resource


Clean water is a limited natural resource. Its true that most of our planet is covered in water, but only a very small amount of it can be used. Natural calamities such as droughts further limit the access to clean water.

These days there are more and more restrictions being made on water consumption. Apart from drinking and cleaning purposes, there are also other uses of water like watering landscape or gardens. But you do not need to sacrifice on the beauty of your garden or landscape as a result of these restrictions. By getting a drip irrigation system at your home, you can efficiently reduce the water bills and the energy consumption.

Irrigation is an extremely essential part of any landscape. For your landscape to be healthy and lush, you need to ensure that they get the water that they need. Drip irrigation is the perfect way to get water directly to the roots of your plants. But many home-owners are not very sure of choosing this option for their landscape. If you are considering getting a drip irrigation system, here are certain things that you need to know about the same.

How does it work?

Drip irrigation which is also popularly known as trickle irrigation or micro irrigation system is the practice of using small amounts of water or fertiliser uniformly across a specific area. The water and fertiliser are directly dispatched directly to the root area of plants, which decreases processes like run-off, evaporation and drift. A perfectly designed and managed system gives recipients the best efficiency.

The system consists of a network of pipes, tubing valves and emitters. It uses a system of small diameter plastic pipes fitted with outlets called drippers or emitters. The water outlet is kept really close to the plants so as to ensure that only the roots get wet. The watering system delivers a slow and steady supply of water at a gradual rate directly to the soil. This system of irrigation can be used for agricultural as well as landscaping purposes. You can effectively achieve water conservation by using this system of irrigation.

Why is it important?

To keep your garden or landscape thriving, you need to ensure that you have a proper irrigation system. Studies have proved that plants utilise the most water efficiently during the morning hours. But given the busy schedules, it would be really difficult to do so regularly. With the help of an automatic irrigation system you can avoid such issues. Another reason why this system is important, is because it provides water where it is really necessary. When you water plants on your own, sometimes it so happens that you end up giving the plants more than necessary amount of water. As a result of this the soil gets eroded and the plants suffer due to this.

Researches have shown that drip systems posses 90% water efficiency. The increasing concern for conservation of water makes this system a top choice for your home. They are the perfect option to increase plant health and save money at the same time. Drip systems are pretty easy to design and install. On the whole, drip irrigation is an ideal option whether your goal is environmental, economic or plant health.

What are the benefits of choosing drip systems?

Drip systems can help the users in a number of ways and some of them are listed below:

Reduced water consumption:

As already mentioned, drip systems can play a significant role in reducing water consumption. It lowers the overall water consumption that goes behind maintaining a landscape or a lawn. It will deliver water directly to root area of a plant and that too in the required amount. The water will be absorbed slowly one drop at a time by the soil. You will also observe that no water is wasted through evaporation or excess watering. When compared to other options like sprinklers, this is a more sensible option. Being able to conserve water is a must, you do not want to be exploiting a limited natural resource!

Nourishes the plants:

When you use a drip system, you can be sure that your plants are getting the nourishment that they require. These systems have been designed in such a way to ensure that the water reaches only the required areas. As a result of the this the main parts of the plant, like the roots are always nourished and retain moisture. A wetted zone develops in the plant’s root area beneath each dripper. The area between the rows or individual plants remain dry and water only through seasonal rainfall. Thus, with these systems you can rest assured that your plants are well-nourished and healthy.


It is an obvious fact that nobody wants to spend a fortune on water expenses. When compared to the conventional irrigation means, a drip irrigation system can help you save a lot of money. According to studies, installing a drip system will help you save almost 50% of the cost. Installing a drip system is not overly taxable and it also does not require a landscape contractor. Hence, you also save yourself from the extra installation expenses. With a drip system you are doing your part for the environment without burning a hole in your pocket.

Save time:

Time is a precious commodity in this fast paced life. There are so many things that one is required to do throughout the day that we are left seeking more time. Well, the good news is that having a drip system can provide you with a bit of leisure time. You no more need to carry around the heavy hoses or sprinklers around your garden or lawn to water plants. If you choose a system with a timer, you will only have to use a few seconds to turn the system on. When the process has been finished, the system will stop working automatically. Even if you do not have a system that has a timer, you just have to turn it on and then turn it off when the job is done. It is way better than having to carry those heavy hoses all around the place. While the system is at it, you can simply relax and enjoy!

No plant diseases:

Most of the plants get diseases as the water gets collected on the leaves and it causes foliage. But, with a drip system the water only reaches the roots. Because the water does not strike the leaves or flowers, blight diseases have no chance of proliferating. There are no chances of fungal diseases as well as there is no excess water retention. With drip system your plants are going to be beautiful and disease-free!

Reduced weed growth:

A drip system can efficiently reduce the growth of stray weeds. One of the most tiring jobs is painstakingly pulling out those weeds from your garden or lawn. With a drip system, you can save yourself from weeding. The systems have been designed to supply water only to every plant’s rootball, rather than showering the whole area. The soil between the plants will remain drier. As a result of reduced water supply the surrounding weed seeds cannot germinate. No more unwanted plants in your backyard any more!

No drift:

“Drift” is a phenomena that takes place when too much water is used over plants. The wind tends to carry the water to areas that do not need water like the sidewalks, walkways or driveways. Over time drift can waste a lot of water, but with drip systems such a phenomenon would never occur. They have been specifically designed to avoid such issues of water wastage.

Preserves soil structure:

For healthy plants a fertile soil structure is of utmost importance. When you water with a wide hose pipe, it may allow excess water to seep into your plants. As a result of this most of the essential nutrients will be leached out with the stream of water. And your soil will be left with fewer nutrients for the plant. The soil may also get compacted when you water with a hose. Owing to this your plants might start showing signs of withering or root diseases. With a drip system, you can efficiently preserve the soil structure as it help in preserving nutrients and reducing soil compaction.

Easy installation:

The installation of the drip system is a really easy process. The design will be decided keeping in mind the requirements of your garden or landscape. Also, you can be at peace as this process requires no kind of excavation or digging. There will be no disruption of your precious landscape or garden!

One thing that you can be sure of is that you are never going to regret getting a drip irrigation system for your home. They are available in different variety and you can choose one that suits your requirements the best. Invest in a drip system to attain a beautiful and healthy garden or landscape!

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