Dinesh_PatelThe concept of sustainability has gained importance globally in the recent years. Everywhere we hear talks of sustainable utilisation of resources, need for a sustainable development and so on and so forth!
Ever wondered why this hoopla around ‘sustainability’? Is it really that important? Will the coming generations face a challenge if we don’t take appropriate measures for creating a sustainable environment?
The answer is ‘YES’! If we look up on Google (the most used engine for finding answers to what we seek!!), here is what it says ‘Sustainable development is economic development that is conducted without depletion of natural resources’.
The booming population, increasing demand for food and water, has created an immense pressure on earth’snatural resources. Over exploitation in the past years has left us a reserve which, if not used prudently, will become extinct in the near future.
World’s economy is changing and so is the dynamics of agriculture. In India, around 58.2% of the population is dependent on this sector. During the past few years, practicing agriculture has become challenging due to high demand of food grains, less availability of water, climate change and other factors.
To feed the world’s growing population – projected to exceed 9 billion in 2050 (UN, 2009) – it will be necessary to boost the production of food and this has to be done sustainably. It is hence important that the goals and values of long-term sustainability must be reflected in combinations of practices and methods consistent with an individual farmer’s resources, technical know-how, and farming opportunities.
Millions of small farmers around the world do not have good resource and knowledge base, and this limits their capacity to pursue sustainability goals. It is here that Netafim comes to the rescue. We, with our vast knowledge base and expertise, guide the farming community worldwide on adoption and use of new and modern technologies like drip irrigation.
Through this we aim to increase farmers’ access to technology, knowledge and capabilities through education and training. The humongous benefits accrued by drip irrigation not only ensure sustainabilitybut also envisions the well being of farmers.
Since decades, Netafim has been providing world class micro-irrigation technology and agronomy services to farmers worldwide. Our purpose of helping the world Grow More With Less is the basic principle of what we do and how we do it. Sustainability, hence, is our guiding mantra for ensuring better productivity by optimum utilisation of resources.
We are doing our bit for a better tomorrow.. Are you?

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