The challenges associated with the ever changing expectations of customers (External & Internal) and consequential pressure felt on work, workplace environments and employee role expectations that are aggravated by the vigor of constantly changing market (no borders) are as real for us as elsewhere in the world. Rapid change requires employees to be responsive and remain adaptive, competitive yet flexible, and focused on the future.

In such a fast changing state our key concern is to encourage, sustain and keep pace with Employee Training & Development to make them capable to meet any call of change now and in future effectively.

Through systematically planned interventions we encourage our employees to acquire new / advanced skills and knowledge so as to make the most of their full potential, creativity, and ability to handle any multiplicity of challenges.

In pursuit of our enabler’s role, we conduct both Technical Training sessions and Soft skills learning sessions on regular basis. To supplement the employee development, we have also created a 24*7 Knowledge Portal (NILA – Netafim India Learning Academy) containing knowledge packed articles, books and presentations to quench the thirst of employees eager to learn off line.

We are committed to continuously enhance the employee’s and organization’s effectiveness to achieve our strategic plans.

Our core beliefs of employee development:

  • It helps to achieve personal objectives.
  • People get the rewards of learning and also face consequences of not learning.
  • People learn well through sharing.
  • People are willing to take risks, explore new ideas in a non threatening but in an intellectually and emotionally challenging environment.
  • It is linked directly to the job.
  • An impressive business result is an outcome of individual/team actions.
  • Transformation through learning happens over a time.