Robust growth, dynamic markets and a constant thirst for quality excellence makes life at Netafim challenging and a journey, full of learning.

Netafim encourages its pool of talent to experiment and excel in each and every field which not only leads to personal development but also organizational excellence. The highly learning and adaptive culture of the organization fosters innovation and creativity of the employees.

Strong interpersonal bonding, mutual trust and transparency at all levels in the organization are very unique to the Netafim Culture. Netafim, despite its extensive global growth and expansion, continues to preserve the unique spirit of family business thus giving us a unique character of being a GLOCALIZED company. With average age of 30 years, we are one of the youngest companies in the industry.

At Netafim our endeavor is to work towards a greater cause – creating a eonomically and ecologically sustainable society which leads to the overall development of the country. We fulfill our commitment towards society by giving back in terms of conducting various tree plantation campaigns, Share-wear initiatives, supporting education programmes, raising to the occasions in case of natural disaster, etc. where employees are integral part.

Life is a Celebration!!! We constantly believe in this philosophy and our efforts are endeavored keeping Employees at the centre and making workplace a memorable experience. Birthday Celebrations, Festivals, Fun Get together makes life @ Netafim a real Celebration!

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