he Code of Business Conduct represents Netafim’s “business culture values” and serves as a moral compass for our daily work. It has been written to help all employees and directors understand the behavioral guidelines according to which we conduct our business and interact with each other. Our business culture is based on the laws and regulations enforced in all the international locations in which we operate. This code creates an inclusive set of organizational principles inspired by the basic values of the company’s founders: fairness, hard work, integrity and uncompromising commitment to quality. As we expand and strengthen our global position, we continue to maintain our unique spirit of cooperation, dedication, loyalty and support among Netafim’s employees and towards our clients. At the same time, we continually strive to maintain the highest standards of business conduct and governance that make Netafim a better place to work and a trustworthy business partner. Netafim’s code of conduct guides its employees for the same

Code Of Conduct