1. What is drip irrigation?

Drip irrigation is the process of delivering precise amounts of water and nutrients directly to the plant’s root zone, drop by drop, offering growers exact irrigation control and efficient use of limited water resources.
Netafim™ PC (pressure compensated) Drippers & Dripperlines, are featuring continuously self-cleaning, pressure-compensating drippers, is placed subsurface or on-surface exactly where you want to irrigate.

2. Why should I use drip irrigation?

Slow even flow of water to plants and soil
Crops and plants will thrive. Application of water and nutrients directly to the plant’s roots is the best way to ensure plant health and vitality.

Easy to install – flexible and adaptable
Dripperline can be installed easily on undulated fields that are hard to irrigate with conventional methods.

Improved plant growth
Makes plants fuller and healthier. Water and nutrients delivered directly to the root zone promotes healthy plant growth and reduces plant stress. Soil aeration is improved because soil particles are not washed down, decreasing soil compactness and improving root growth.

Saves on maintenance & labor
Drip irrigation saves labor as there is less occurrence of weeds and pests,dieseases in crops . Also facilitates inter-cultural operations which makes the maintenance of crops very easy.

Saves water
Netafim dripperline’s is far more water-conserving than other methods of irrigation. Water loss due to evaporation, mist, surface runoff or wind interference is eliminated.

Netafim™ Dripperline is far more cost-effective as it saves both time and money. Decreased labor to install & maintain plus lower overall material cost.

Reliability and performance
You can count on us. Netafim™ has been the world’s leader , pioneer and inventor in drip technology since 1965.

3. Where should I use drip irrigation?

You can adopt drip irrigation for almost all crops, all soils and any terrains.
You’ll be delighted with the fuller blooms and greater beauty of your crops and orchards when watered with Netafim™ dripperline’s..

4. Where can I find out how to design, bid and install a Dripperlines subsurface or on-surface systems?

Netafim™ irrigation offers a comprehensive series of solutions to help you design and install.
Design and installation service is offered by Netafim™.

5. What definitions are important to know?

Capillary action:
The radial (outward and upward) movement of water through the soil that fills the spaces between particles with capillary moisture.

Capillary moisture:
The water held in pore spaces by the surface tension between the water and the soil particles. This is the primary source of water for plants and is also referred to as “available moisture”.

Gravitational water:
Free water in the soil which moves downward due to gravity. After a soil has been saturated, the gravitational water percolates downwards, leaving the soil at field capacity.

Field capacity:
As much water as the soil can hold against the influence of gravity. If a soil is saturated by rainfall or irrigation and then allowed to drain freely for 24 hours, the soil is usually at field capacity.

Infiltration range:
The rate at which water enters the soil. This rate varies greatly, and may impose a limitation upon the design of an irrigation system since water application rates may result in runoff and erosion.

6. I can plant, irrigate and fertilize the same way with my drip system as with my existing irrigation system ?

No! To realize the full potential of drip irrigation, some easy but different agronomic practices must be followed. Our agronomists are just a phone call away to help you plant, irrigate and fertilize in a systematic way.

7. “I can’t apply enough water with drip”?

Water is applied directly to roots with drip instead of entire soil volume . Drip irrigation has proven to be an efficient , environmentally sound and convenient system for agriculture. Drip irrigation saves almost 50 % water with 90-95 % water use efficiency.

8. “All dripperlines look the same. What is the difference”?

Quality dripperline can deliver consistent flow; Longer life and lower maintenance to Increase Yield and quality, and to reduce overall costs!