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Netafim India Displaying Solidarity to a Cause ……

The Vadodara International Marathon 2012 was a spectacularly successful event that stirred the city of Vadodara on a scale never reached before, ushering in vibrancy, uplifting the spirit of each and every Vadodarian and filling them with pride for their city. The spirit of participation and enthusiasm was unbelievable in which the city came together amidst energetic zeal; proving that nothing can be bigger than the spirit of Vadodarians.

The Vadodara International Half Marathon Run is held every year since 2009, and it promotes social causes like clean & green Vadodara, Vadodara Traffic education park etc. The event has seen participation of civilians and dignitaries from all walks of life participating right from renowned Artists, Professionals, and Business Fraternity to Political Leaders and Sportsmen throughout these years.

Netafim India participated for the kind cause with 203 entries in the International Half Marathon flaunting in all unison the running gears with caps and balloons for this wonderful event.
Netafim India gave it a touch of realization of our commitment and utilizing our strengths towards the benefit of the community.

The Employees from Head Office and Regional Office of Vadodara made it a point to participate
in a sizeable numbers. We reflected our team spirit and enthusiasm – hallmark of our organization.