Greenhouse Irrigation

Netafim’s greenhouse irrigation systems’ portfolio comprises a wide range of sensors and equipment for determining a plants’ water requirements including: Light, measurments, tensiometers, capacitance sensors, lysimeters and meteorological stations.
Designing greenhouse irrigation systems based on water and nutrient plant demands:

  • Accurate water and nutrient applications will affect plant growth and development.
  • The system enables the grower to adjust water and fertilizer applications according to changing plant needs.
  • Operating accuracy, reliability, functionality and convenience are the main pillars of Netafim’s irrigation systems.
  • Netafim Greenhouse Irrigation Systems are world renowned for their accuracy, reliability and flexibility. Irrigation system design and its components are usually determined
  • according to the grower’s strategy which is generally in accordance with the quality required by the market.

Irrigation strategy is determined by:

  • Climate conditions, substrate properties
  • Plant development status, water quality