The challenges:

Farmers using traditional irrigation methods to irrigate their field crops continuously face a wide range of obstacles, preventing efficient farming and greatly increasing operating costs.

Disadvantages of flood or furrow irrigation:
LPS: Cost-effective solution for flood and furrow irrigation of field crops

LPS™ (Low Pressure System) has been uniquely developed by Netafim to overcome the obstacles of flood or furrow irrigation. Easy to use and simple to set up, LPS™ delivers precise water and nutrient amounts directly to the plant root zone (Nutrigation™). Acclaimed by growers worldwide, LPS™ improves both the quality and quantity of crops.

LPS™ benefits for farmers:

  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance, trouble-free operation
  • Low outlay, fast ROI
  • Existing infrastructure (leveled fields, water sources and pump) can be utilized
  • Reduced pumping activity cuts energy costs
  • Equipment can be re-used
  • Modular structure enables phased installation and payments