Irrigation Controller

Irrigation Controller – NMC-XL


The new NMC-XL controller is a modern irrigation control system with advanced features for handling multiple irrigation main- lines The NMC-XL offers optimal solutions both for open field and greenhouses applications.

Irrigation Controller - RADIONET


Netafim’s Radionet system offers continuous wireless monitoring and ultimate distance control. This easy-to-use modular system ensures reliable and flexible control over remote terminal units to increase productivity and address changing needs.

Irrigation Controller – NMC-JUNIOR

NMC - Junior

NMC-Junior is a stand-alone controller for irrigation and fertigation control designed for small to medium agricultural & nursery applications.

Irrigation Controller - SINGLENET


The SingleNet system uses a 2-core cable for power & communication to remote decoder units. Up to 256 valves can be controlled.

Irrigation Controller – NMC-PRO


Powerful features for greenhouses and open fields, unmatched ease of use modular hardware plug & play, Irrigation according to Radiation Sum, time, and external conditions.