An SSC passed farmer reaps a bountiful harvest of 1 crore rupees – a remarkable feat. Mr.Santosh Jadhav – a humble Netafim farmer from Bahirgaon, Kannad Tehsil of Aurangabad District ( Maharashtra ) with his sheer hard work and diligence has shown why life skills and not technical skills matters in real life situations. Along with his own on- field experiences, Netafim Company provided him an edge, which later proved to be a vital combination of mind and matter. Today, he is proud owner of 40 acres of drip irrigated land with Netafim Irrigation Automation System and controllers.
Mr.Jadhav began his successful journey of Ginger cultivation in 1995 on 10 gunthas (quarter of an acre) with 5 Quintals yield ( For an acre ,average, it becomes 20 Quintals ) In 1998, he extended his crop to 2 acres, getting an yield of 40-45 Quintals. The year 2003, saw his area growing up to 4 acres, adoption of Netafim Drip and he slightly modified his planting pattern to row type on advice of Netafim company agronomist. There was dramatic rise in the yield – 140 to 160 Quintals/acre; his gross income out of Ginger crop was rupees 30 Lac then. It was fantastic, by any standards. Buoyed by this success, he installed Netafim drip on all 40 acres of his land for orchards and other horticultural crops.
While continuously upgrading package of practices in consultation with Netafim’s experts, he went for bed planting pattern of Ginger. To his surprise but also on expected lines, there was steep rise in the yield – 325 Quintals / acre with total yield of 3000 Quintals on 10 acres of land. He also sells rhizome stocks of ginger for nursery to farmers of adjoining Dhule, Nandurbar, Satara, Nasik and Jalna districts with returns double that of main crop yield. His income amounts to 1 crore rupees gross i.e. rupees 10 million from 10 acres of Ginger crop.
No wonder, laurels and recognition has also followed with Maharashtra govt. honoring him with “Loyal Farmer Award” at the hands of then Governor Mr.S.M.Krishna.
With Netafim , it was ‘More Expertise, More Gains’ as quoted by Mr.Jadhav.

Net Ginger Crop Area  (Acres) Yield (Quintals)
Yield Per Acre (Quintals)
Gross Income in Rs./Acre
1995 0.25 5 20 Rs.24,000
1998 2 80-90 40-45 Rs.60,000-72,000
2003 4 3250 325 Rs.9,75,000
For 10 acres –Rs.97,50,000

* In 2010 average rate per quintal for Ginger was Rs.3000 (approx)