The Sub surface drip irrigation system (SDI) is gaining popularity in Tamil Nadu for Sugar cane crop, as farmers are realizing its advantages over conventional drip system. The SDI enables mechanization. There is lesser dependency on labour and also results increased water and fertilizer use efficiency to a considerable extent.
Having noticed advantages of SDI, proprietor of Surabi Dairy farm Mr.Nagraj approached Netafim India for our advanced SDI solution. After having 2-3 rounds of discussion with NETAFIM sales team, Mr. Nagraj decided to opt for subsurface drip irrigation technology for fodder crops too. He started with trial plot of 6 acres and after the successful establishment of the first crop, went for extending the same for another 5 acres. Seeing the bulkiness and growth of fodder crop ( which is good for fodder crops ), He is planning for contract farming with local farmers in association with Netafim drip irrigation for large volume milk production business. He and many other farmers in the locality are very much positive about the contract farming of fodder crops with assistance from Netafim India in providing sub-surface drip irrigation system.

Laying Machine:

Laying machine has been designed for dripperlines ( having DripNet PC drippers ) burial at the depth of 10 cm and simultaneously bed preparation at the depth of 90 cm spacing.

SDI system details:

Dripperlines spacing : 1.20 m
Dripper ( DripNet PC ) spacing : 0.40 m
Dripper discharge : 1.6 LPH

Planting pattern:

Cumbu Napier Hybrid (CO4) stem cuttings have been planted on the beds as paired row system with the spacing of (0.40m+0.80m)*0.50m. Setts have been planted vertically on the beds. It was also kept into consideration that at least one inter-node in a sett should be inserted into the soil.


Cumbu*Napier Hybrid stems, Cumbu*Napier Hybrid Stems planted field under SDI system